Geranium Floral Water

Geranium Floral Water

Geranium is a flowering plant that is found in the temperate regions and across the world. It bears long cleft leaves in the circular form and flowers that are purple, pink and blue in colour. The feminine fragrance of Geranium Floral Water is used to refresh skin and tired mind and can be used as a facial spritzer. Enriched with refreshing, balancing and soothing properties, it is used for balancing and rehydrating all types of skin. Floral water from geranium is widely used as body spray. It can also be applied to treat acne effectively. Often it is used to treat dry skin issues, bites, sunburn and, hot flashes. People can use this floral water on body as well as face due to its cooling effect.

Product name : Geranium Floral Water
Scientific Name : Pelargonium Graveolens
OTHER NAMES : Crane's Bill
Country of Origin : South Africa
Colour : This appears as a colourless clear liquid.
Odor : It comprises of rosy floral odour.
Extraction Method : Hydro Distillation

Pelargonium or Geraniums were considered a symbol of hardiness and beauty for the people around the world. In 1672, a German botanist, Paul Hermann served the Dutch ships and stopped in South Africa to study the plant kingdom in the Table Mountain where he discovered Geraniums and shipped back these species to Netherlands.


Geranium floral water is suitable for all skin types especially for oily skin. It is added in skin creams and lotions as it helps in regulating the oil secretions. The floral water can also be used as skin cleanser to remove impurities. Adding few drops of the water on a cotton pad and applying it on your face is effective in getting rid of dryness and blackheads on skin.

Therapeutic Properties

Geranium floral water exhibits balancing effects on the body as it acts on the hormone that makes it an ideal choice to treat skin that is affected due to imbalanced hormones. It helps to treat dry & oily skin patches and improves oil secretion of the skin in a natural way.


Geranium floral water blends well with many like Peppermint, Ylang Ylang, Lavender, Geranium, Rose, etc.

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