Eucalyptus Floral Water

Eucalyptus Floral Water

Eucalyptus is a flowering plant of the genus Myrtle of the Myrtaceae family. It is native to Australia and is known as the tallest flowering plant in the world. Eucalyptus Floral Water is one of the most popular hydrosol that is high in demand among people as it is free from chemical compounds. This is extremely versatile and be added to lotions and creams. This can be added to linen sprays and beginners for aromatherapy can enjoy using it due to its pleasing fragrance. It can also be added to hot bath water. The plant also consists of various medical properties which are beneficial in treating health problems such as asthma, ulcers, influenza, and sinusitis.

Product name : Eucalyptus Floral Water
Scientific Name : Eucalyptus Globulus
Country of Origin : Australia
Colour : It is colourless liquid.
Odor : It comprises of a characteristic eucalyptus odour.
Extraction Method : Steam Distillation

Eucalyptus tree is native to the country Australia where it was known as 'Cure All' plant. The tree was used to make paper, fuel, mulch, and combat malaria. Its roots absorb a large amount of water present in the soil, due to which it was planted in the areas infested with malaria. The oil of eucalyptus was used in the 'World War I' to cure meningitis and influenza. In Europe, the oil was introduced as 'Sydney peppermint' and it was used to treat bronchitis, coughs, and asthma.


Eucalyptus Floral Water finds application in bath water and is efficient against airborne bacteria and viruses. For those with oily hair issues can use Eucalyptus Floral Water as it will remove excessive sebum found on the hair strands. This results in shiny and silky hair. This hydrosol can be used as deodorant as well as air freshener. Besides, it can be used as a spray to neutralize bad odour of underarms.

Therapeutic Properties

Eucalyptus floral water consists of various therapeutic properties that are proven beneficial for the body. This can be used for inhalation purposes to treat sinusitis and cold. It can be used to treat breathing problems and unclogs blocked nose. Additionally, the floral water can be used to treat skin problems such as psoriasis, acne and eczema that provide relief from pain.


Eucalyptus Floral Water blends with Rosemary, Lemon, Cedarwood, Thyme, Lavender and Marjoram.

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