Cinnamon Floral Water

Cinnamon Floral Water

Cinnamon is native to Sri Lanka and it is widely being used a spice ingredient in cooking. Cinnamon Floral Water has been used all over the world for cooking purposes. It exhibits marvellous properties that can also be used for healing. It has excellent anti-diabetic, anti-microbial and anti-inflammatory properties. The use of this floral water boosts immune system of the body and is free from emulsifying agent and preservatives. Cinnamon Floral Water is a by-product of cinnamon essential oil that is obtained via the steam distillation process. This floral water find its wide application in health & skin care products, personal care & household products, room fresheners, perfumes, bug repellents, mouth washes, food products, medicines, etc.

Product name : Cinnamon Floral Water
Scientific Name : Cinnamomum Zeylanicum
Country of Origin : Sri Lanka
Colour : It is golden-yellow in color
odor : It has a pungent odour
Extraction Method : Steam Distillation

Cinnamon is native to Sri Lanka. It is a well known spice that is being used in culinary for a very long time. The ancient Egyptians used cinnamon in embalming as well. It was used to treat sore throats, hoarseness and coughing. The spice was also used for its chemical compound namely, phenol to preserve meats.


Cinnamon Floral Water is used in pharmaceutical and perfume manufacturing industry. This can also be used as a vaporiser and in the formulation of body care products. It can also be used as a flavouring agent in manufacturing of chewing gums and keeps bad odour away, giving it a refreshing feeling.

Therapeutic Properties

Due to its anti-diabetic effect, this is used to lower level of blood sugar as it effectively increases insulin production in the body. The floral water from Cinnamon is used to lower down heart disease risks, regulates cholesterol level and also increases blood pressure. This has anti-oxidant ability that helps to protect DNA damage. It inhibits growth of cells that causes cancer.


Cinnamon Floral Water blends with Spice oils, Thyme, Lavender, Rosemary oil, and other.

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