Chamomile German Floral Water

Chamomile German Floral Water

Chamomile German Floral Water is one of the best known hydrosol that possesses excellent anti-inflammatory properties. This is particularly known to exhibit soothing effect on the skin and is also proven effective in treating many skin conditions. It is good for use over sensitive skin that is prone to acne. It can be used as effective toners and can be used in the manufacturing of skin care products. People can use it as water replacement in emulsions at many places. German Chamomile floral water possesses earthy and musky smell.

Product name : Chamomile German Floral Water
Scientific Name : Chamaemelumnobile
Country of Origin : France
Colour : This appears deep blue to bluish green liquid and has a sweet, straw-like fragrance.
Extraction Method : Chamomile German Floral Water is obtained from its flower through the steam distillation process.
  • Chamomile German Floral Water is used as cleaners and toners. It can also be used to treat sores, spots, cuts and grazes.
  • This can be added to bathing water or can be used as a pillow spray. As it is gentle on hands, sore bottoms and face, this can be used on young children & babies.
  • It can be used in skin care product to remove make-up, as a toner and skin cleanser. When mixed with lavender floral water, it shows best result on treating dry skin.
  • This floral water can be used on pets where it exhibits excellent calming effects.

Chamomile German Floral Water blends with Rose, Lavender, Cedar, Neroli, Geranium, etc.

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