Cardamom Floral Water

Cardamom Floral Water

Cardamom seeds belong to the Amomum and Elettaria genera of the Zingiberaceae family. It is one of the popular Indian Spice that is commonly used for flavouring most of the Indian dishes. Also known as Queen of Spices, Cardamom is used for many purposes such as cakes, cookies, ice cream, etc. The floral water of Cardamom is obtained from the seeds of cardamom pods through the hydro distillation process.Cardamom Floral Water can be used during the manufacturing of facial spritzer and deodorant. This can also be used as a cooling agent, hair care applications and for massage purposes. This is insoluble in water and is known for its excellent medicinal value where the extracted distillate can be used to alleviate heartburn and cure digestive problems.

Product name : Cardamom Floral Water
Scientific Name : Ellettaria Cardamomum
Country of Origin : India
Colour : This appears pale yellow in colour with characteristic odour of Cardamom
odor : characteristic odour of Cardamom
Extraction Method : Hydro Distillation

Cardamom is one of the oldest spices in the world. It originated from the Western Ghats in Southern India. The Egyptians used the pods of cardamoms as a mouth freshener to keep their mouth fresh and minty. Greeks and Romans used cardamom oil as a perfume for its pungent aroma. The Vikings discovered cardamoms and brought it to Scandinavia.


Due to its aromatic fragrance, it is widely used as a flavouring agent and also for the aroma therapy. When added to the drinking water, it removes germs and the mild solution can be added to bath water for disinfecting skin & hair.

Therapeutic Properties

Cardamom Floral Water is used to provide relief from stomach dyspepsia, soothes muscle membranes, eliminates bad breath, increases appetite and relieves heartburn and gas problem. Additionally, it aids in improving metabolism and digestion.


It blends well with alcohol, cardamom oil and water.

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