Aniseed Floral Water

Aniseed Floral Water

Aniseed Floral Water is widely used as a flavouring agent in cookies and cakes manufacturing industry. As this is crushed and extracted via the steam distillation process, this is free from artificial additives/preservatives and therefore, do not impart any harmful effect upon using it. It has a sweet and liquorice flavour that makes it the preferred choice in confectionary and other food industries.

Aniseed Floral Water is extracted the steam distillation method from Illicium verum that is found in Australia. Soon after gentle crush, aniseed seeds are distilled that forms aniseed floral water that has aniseed fragrance. The floral water is rich in thymol, terpineol and anethole. According to studies, it is anethehole that is mainly responsible for its aroma as it constituents 90% of the total liquid obtained.

Product name : Aniseed Floral Water
Scientific Name : Illiciumverum
Country of Origin : Australia
Colour : Clear to slightly hazy liquid with characteristic of aniseed scent
Extraction Method : Steam Distillation
History Aniseed was first grown in Egypt which later spread to Europe when its medical qualities were recognized. The ancient Romans served spiced cake which has aniseed in it for proper digestion. It was also added in root beer. Since ancient times, the aniseed is being used to treat menstrual cramps and colic disease.

The pure aniseed floral water can be used as a flavouring ingredient in beverages, candies, desserts, and baked items. It adds its distinctive aroma in the dishes of cookies, vegetables as well as in lamb stews. The floral water is also added in soaps, toothpastes, and detergents. Furthermore, the floral water is also added in medicines due to its large number of medical benefits.

Therapeutic Properties

Owing to its therapeutic properties such as anti-epileptic, anti-rheumatic and antiseptic, Aniseed Floral Water is widely known to have healing and curing qualities. Besides, this also has decongestant, insecticidal, stimulant and carminative properties that makes it a preferred choice among people. When used in proper quantity, this floral water is often used to cool down hysteric attacks by decreasing respiration, etc. It is used as a mouth freshener and digestive agent. Additionally, this can be used to reduce arthritic & rheumatic pain by stimulating the circulation of blood. This in turn also helps in reducing pain in other affected areas of the body.


It blends with Rosemary, Chamomile, Lavender, Sweet Almond oil, Tea Tree, Nutmeg, etc.

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