Angelica Floral Water

Angelica Floral Water

Angelica is a genus which consists of 60 species and it belongs to the plant family Apiaceae. The Angelica plant is native to subarctic and temperate regions. It is originates from France, Greenland, and Iceland. It is a biennial and perennial herb that is widely used for promoting detoxification from head to toe. The floral water is extracted from roots and other parts of plants without adding any chemical and thus, is safe to use. Owing to its amazing properties such as antiseptic, capability to get rid of body from detoxification and strengthening immunity of the body, this root extract is high on demand. This floral water is water soluble and is extracted through the hydro distillation process. The translucent extract is mainly obtained from the left over Angelica essential oil. Its antimicrobial properties make it an ideal deodorant. Widely used in creams and lotions, this floral water can also be used in bath water. The floral water is known to cure a large number of body ailments such as improper indigestion, high blood pressure, and fever.

Product name : Angelica Floral Water
Scientific Name : Angelica Archangelica
Country of Origin : France
Colour : It is a colorless clear liquid.
Odor : It has a characteristic aroma.
Extraction Method : Hydro Distillation

In the ancient times, the angelica herb was considered to be one of the powerful herbs and named as 'Root of the Holy Ghost'. The Chinese have been using this herb in their pure and natural medicines from a very long time. It was referred as 'Marvellous Medicine' by an alchemist, Paracelsus who lived during the plague epidemic in the year 1510 in Milan.


The angelica floral water is used for a variety of purposes. It plays a significant role in the culinary world as it is used as a flavouring agent and added to dishes, candies, desserts and baked goods. Moreover, the floral water is also added to various skin care creams and lotions

Therapeutic Properties

It exhibits excellent medicinal and aromatic properties. Besides that, it also helps in proper digestion, eliminates gas and supports upset stomach. Furthermore, the floral water is used in cold, fever and congestion, thus, keeps body healthy. The floral water obtained from Angelica is often used to keep heart healthy and maintains high blood pressure


Angelica Floral Water blends with Citronella, YlangYlang, Rosemary, Lavandin Lavender, Lemon, Clary Sage Neroli and many others.

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