Vetiver Oil 3% Dilution in Jojoba Oil

Violet Leaf 3% Dilution in Jojoba Oil

The violets are native to the great white north that is Canada. The young leaves of the violet plants are the source of the oil. It is extracted through the mode of solvent extraction. When this oil is blended with the 97% jojoba oil, it gives out earthy and herbaceous like fragrance and it is of green to dark green or brown in color. The components that make up this perfect blend are palmitic acid, stearic, linoleic, linolenic, myristic and arachnid. The oil is mainly used in perfumery but is also packed with remedial benefits to cure various health issues such as bruises, anxiety, cystits, relieves from pain and treats insomnia.

Product name : Violet Leaf 3% Dilution in Jojoba Oil
Scientific Name : Viola Odorata., Simmondsia Chinensis
Country of Origin : Canada
Colour : The colour of the dilution is between green to dark green/brown and it has an earthy or herbaceous essence
Extraction Method : Solvent Extraction

The dilution of violet with jojoba is used extensively in perfumery for its sweet earthy and herbaceous aroma that is very intoxicating. It is also used during meditation as it helps in concentrating, strengthening the heart. Furthermore, it helps an individual to overcome his or her stress through its essence.

Therapeutic Properties

The violet leaf 3% with jojoba oil constitutes of medicinal properties which can help in curing various health related problems. It helps giving relief from stress and exhaustion, heals the wounds and bruises. The oil can further cure throat and respiratory problems such as bronchitis, coughs and mouth infections. Those who want their skin to be radiant and fresh will find this oil perfect for them. If you have muscle or joint pain then this oil is right for you.

Blends Well With

This dilution can be blended with Ambrette seed, Basil, Chamomile, Lotus pink Lemongrass, Rosewood, Frangipani, Jasmine and Lavender.

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