Sandalwood Oil 3% Dilution in Jojoba Oil

Sandalwood Oil 3% Dilution in Jojoba Oil

Sandalwood belongs to the genus Santalum. It is yellow and heavy, unlike other aromatic woods. This wood retains its sweet and woody aromatic fragrance for a very long time. It bears purple flowers and its leaves have a leathery texture. For extraction of oils, the woods of the plant are extracted through steam distillation and then it is diluted with jojoba oil. The final product is yellow to bright yellow in colour and comprises of a very sweet and woody like essence. This is why the blend of sandalwood and jojoba oil is used in perfumery and various skin care products.

Product name : Sandalwood Oil 3% Dilution in Jojoba Oil
Scientific Name : Santalum Album, Simmondsia Chinensis
Country of Origin : Canada
Colour : It is yellow or bright yellow in colour and diffuses a rich balsamic and slightly woody like aroma.
Extraction Method : Steam Distillation

Having a very distinctively wood like and sweet fragrance has made this blend of Sandalwood Oil 3% Dilution in Jojoba oil very significant ingredient in perfume making. It is added to skin care products as it guards the skin from impurities that lead to various skin problems. Additionally, it can tighten the muscles and gums if used properly.

Therapeutic Properties

This dilution is anti-inflammatory in nature. Therefore, it is very useful in providing relief from various kinds of inflammation. It can further purify the skin and prevent it from pimples, sores, boils and wounds.

Blends Well With

It can be blended well with Ylang-Ylang, Patchouli, Vetiver, Jasmine and Rose oil.

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