Geranium Leaf 3% Dillution in Jojoba Oil

Geranium Leaf 3% Dillution in Jojoba Oil

The germanium flowers come in variety of colors which are pink, purple, white and blue. These flowers are extracted and then diluted with the jojoba oil to form the exotic oil dilution. The germanium is originally native to the Mediterranean region. It is said that the fragrance of the flowers is slightly similar to the rose flower. The oil consists of a huge number of constituents and some of which are bernzoate, cinnamate, benzyl, eugenol, limonene, margeric and linoleic. This exotic oil is found to be very helpful in treating some complicated health issues such as Alzheimer's.

Product name : Geranium Leaf 3% Dillution in Jojoba Oil
Scientific Name : Pelargonium graveolens, Simmondsia chinensis
Country of Origin : Mediterranean Region
Colour : The color of the oil is between light yellow to light orange. The fragrance of the oil is like the typical geranium oil that is like rose or green like essence.
Extraction Method : By solvent extraction

The oil is very beneficial for the hair as it acts as conditioner and makes the hair silky and smooth. Therefore, it is used in many hair care products. The oil is also used in manufacturing perfumes and deodorants.

Therapeutic Properties

This oil is blessed with many medicinal properties. It can help in treating viral infections and diseases before it takes over the body. This is also beneficial for the ones who are suffering from insomnia, Alzheimer's and dementia. It can be applied on the cuts and wounds as it is found to be an effective antiseptic.

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