Vetiver Oil

Vetiver Oil

Vetiver Oil is best regarded for its antiseptic properties displayed as per the latest health needs. Perhaps, it is because of its aphrodisiac features that maximum health benefits are obtained in the long run. Its use as an effective sedative too is no less with it displaying a nervine quality on an overall.

Producing a soothing effect whenever used, this oil is perfect in treating psychological problem such as stress and tension when needed the most. Perhaps, it is considered to be ideal in calming down the nerves as well. Emotional problems too are well taken care with heart burnouts kept under control.

Product Name : Vetiver Oil
Botanical Name : Vetiveria zizanoides
Country of Origin : Haiti
Color and Odor : Vetiver Oil is distinctive in nature displaying an earthy and musty feature with unique smell. It is ideally known to smell similar to that of a damp forest floor having amber to olive variance of color.
Extraction Method : Vetiver Oil is best extracted through the unique process of washing, cutting, drying and then soaking the roots apart from the rootlets through the steam distillation process. This process will yield in obtaining about 0.5% of the whole oil.

Vetiver Oil produces a soothing effect upon the mind. Perhaps, this is considered as the best revitalizing oil as far as psychological needs are considered. Taking care of the neurotic behavior issues too is ideally possible with this product whenever needed the most. Relying upon this oil for treating anger too is known create the best reliable features on an overall.

This oil is ideal in treating stress and tensions in life as per the situational requirements. People who suffer from hysteria too are able to experience the positive results on an overall. It is possible to avoid irritation in a successful manner due to the antifungal and antibacterial properties exhibited. Reducing tensions in life is best possible in this regard.

Blends well with

Vetiver Oil blends well with ylang-ylang, benzoin, lavender, grapefruit and jasmine.


I used to suffer from physical exhaustion frequently. However, there were no traces of the problem again after I started using it for taking care of anger in me. Multiple benefits are obtained after using Vetiver oil in an effective manner.
- Jennifer Louis

Vetiver oil has produced the best results so far in treating my rheumatism problems. It is because of the regular use of this oil that I have been able to control muscular pain in my body.
- Michael Armstrong

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