Thyme CT linalool Oil

Thyme CT linalool Oil

Thyme CT linalool oil is regarded as an effective oil with potent properties included to a maximum extent. However, this oil has to be avoided during the pregnancy situation because of its increased sensitivity. It is also considered to be most ideal during the situations leading to high blood pressure levels as well. Obtaining the best results is ideally possible in this way. Taking care of the mucus membranes too is ideally possible with the timely consideration of this oil, but in exact quantities, as it best known for having phenols such as carvacrol and thymol. Taking care of your skin in case of any traces of infection too is easily realized for sure. Following the exact doses is necessary due to the increased concentration of this oil.

Obtaining maximum results from the massage therapy too is ideally possible with the regular use of Thyme CT linalool oil as per the requirement.

Product Name : Thyme CT linalool oil
Scientific Name : Thymus vulgaris
Country of Origin : France
Colour and Odor

It has an intensive sweet flavor with the best herbal smell felt in a dense manner. It is available in reddish-brown to amber color producing a strong effect.

Extraction Method

This medicinal oil of unique features is ideally extracted from the fresh or partly dried flowering tops, twigs and leaves of the plant obtained with the help of water or steam distillation. Perhaps, it is helpful in yielding around 0.7 -1.0 % of oil.


Thyme CT linalool oil is ideal for massaging purposes with complete relaxation obtained with mind and body in equilibrium. Taking care of the problem of skin infections too is possible in an effective manner for sure.

Bacterial problems too are effectively taken care because of the reflexive properties of Thyme CT linalool oil. Fungal infections too are best handled with best medicinal features obtained as per the personal health requirements.

Blends well with

Thyme CT linalool oil blends well with Pine, Bergamot, Rosemary, Grapefruit, Lavender and Lemon.


Using Thyme CT linalool oil for the purpose of massaging too has been of maximum use to me. Also, it is because of the clear impact of this oil because of a perfect equilibrium state has been achieved on an overall in my body.
- Olivia Adler

Skin infections are cured with Thyme CT linalool oil used to treat in an effective manner. Personally, I have experienced the lasting results in this regard. The problems with bacteria too are best taken care with this oil for sure.
- Jason McKenzie

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