Saffron Oil

Saffron Oil

Saffron seeds are generally used for seasoning and as a coloring agent in food. It comes from the flower Crocus sativus, the vivid stigmas and threads are collected which are known to be saffron. It is expensive but when it comes to its production it is very easily assessable to all. The price of this oil generally depends upon the labor required during the harvesting of the flower.

Saffron is a type of flower which can grow nearly in any part of the world. The most important aspect of growing saffron is not climate of the region but the type of soil being used in the cultivation.

Product Name : Saffron Oil
Botanical Name : Autumn Crocus
Other Names : alpha.-Crocetin
Country of Origin : Greece
Color : It is dark yellow in color.
Odor : It has a sweet smell
Extraction Method : Steam Distillation
Solubility : It is soluble in water

Human cultivation and use of saffron has been over 3500 years and that too across cultures, continents and civilizations. This has remained the most costly substance since its existence.


Saffron or Kesar has been used as a beauty agent since ages. It is used to moisturize, heal and protect skin. The spice of kesar has anti bacterial properties which is very helpful for our skin. Although Saffron is very expensive so it is very rarely used in face pack nowadays. It is very beneficial to cure acne, treats dry skin, helps in getting rid of suntan, tones the skin, and it also improves skin complexion. Another advantage of this oil is that it is quickly absorbed by skin and also it is non greasy.

Therapeutic Benefits

Despite the fact of being expensive, people prefer use of Saffron for many health benefits and it is used widely for many purposes. Saffron is a powerful anti oxidant, it may also improve mood and treat depressive symptoms. It also has cancer fighting properties, helps in reducing appetite, and aids weight loss.

Blends well with

Saffron blends well with vanilla, dried lime, amber, and lavender essential oils.

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