Rosemary oil

Rosemary Oil

Rosemary is an evergreen shrub with needle like leaves. It is best known as seasoning oil, and it is one of the most effective and popular aromatic and medicinal plants worldwide. Rosemary oil belongs to the mint family which is usually aromatic, evergreen herb mostly found in Mediterranean and Asia. The flowers of rosemary can be pink, purple, white or blue. It's because of its pretty looks that it is also used as an ornament plant.

Rosemary essential oil is also used in gourmet cooking due to its wonderful fragrance and its unique bitter flavor. Rosemary essential oil hosts variety of health benefits as they contain energy, proteins, minerals, vitamins, sodium and potassium.

Product Name : Rosemary Essential oil
Botanical Name : Rosmarinus officinalis
Other Names : Rosemary
Country of Origin : Mediterranean and Asia
Color : It is clear in color
Odor : It has clear powerful herbal smell
Extraction Method : steam distillation
Solubility : It is soluble in oil.

The history of rosemary is quiet interesting and varied from fairies and witches to wedding and funerals. This herb seems to be truly a story of legends. Brides used to wear rosemary in their crowns at their wedding. Rosemary's history also has the folklore from the 14th century.


Rosemary essential oil is beneficial for skin and hair both. This oil is beneficial internally as well as externally. This oil is used to cure hair loss and to treat hair damage. It promotes hair growth, promotes nerve growth, and it also improves circulation.

Rosemary oil boosts immune system, it is anti-inflammatory, promotes digestion, helps in relieving, muscle and joint pain, increases blood circulation, cures headache as well as relieves cold cough and flu. Rosemary essential oil also helps to improve respiratory system and it also lowers stress.

Therapeutic Benefits

Rosemary essential oil when used with oils and shampoos may increase brain functioning as it is effective for nervous system. Apart from human body rosemary essential oil is also beneficial for certain plants. It helps in removing the bugs from plants. It is also helpful in curing cancer, improvising liver and digestive health, food poisoning, antibiotic side effects and also it is very easy to use.

Blends well with

Rosemary essential oil blends well with basil, sage, thyme, lemongrass, lavender, peppermint, and other essential oils.

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