Rose oil

Rose oil

Rose oil is extracted from the petals of various roses. Harvesting of oils is done by hand in the morning before sunrise and material is distilled the same day. Usually large amount of leaves are required to extract small amount of essential oils. Due to labor intensive work and less oil available in rose blooms, Rose oil commands for higher prices. There are three main methods of extracting the oils, solvent extraction, steam distillation and supercritical carbon dioxide.

The two major species of rose are cultivated for the production of roses, Rosa damascene and Rosa centifolia. Rose essential oil is used commonly for aromatherapy. It is also used for number of health related properties. The oil directly helps the nervous system of the body. It is also used in diffuser as an essential oil. The oil also finds its use in cosmetics industry as well as it has skin lightning elements in it.

Product Name : Rose Oil
Botanical Name : Rose Otto
Other Names : Rose essence, attar of rose
Country of Origin : Kazanlak
Color : It is light yellow in color
Odor : It has powerful smell
Extraction Method : Steam Distillation
Solubility : It is soluble in oil and alcohol.

The origin of the cultivated rose is often quoted as the Gulf of Persia, which is now known as Iran. From the 10th to 17th centuries the rose industry was developed and dominated by Persia.

During the 16th century merchants imported rose for cultivation throughout the Balkan countries. It was the first Otto which was cultivated in Bulgaria.


When rose oil is applied directly to the skin, it helps in clearing acne, minimizes the appearance of scars, reduces signs of ageing, and also helps with conditions such as eczema.

Rose essential oil's aromatherapy helps cover, anxiety, depression, headaches, menstrual symptoms, menstrual cramps and migraine. It is also helpful in curing stress, sleeping disorders, acts as an astringent, protects the uterus and it is also good for digestion.

Therapeutic Benefits

Rose oil is extremely popular oil which is known for its health and beauty benefits. People also know the oil for its anti-inflammatory properties.

Blends well with

Rose essential oil blends well other essential oils and with alcohol as well.

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