Ridge Gourd oil

Ridge Gourd/ Luffa Oil

Ridge gourd has thick green leaves and fleshy long fruits with tough skin. It is often used to attack pests and insects. Ridge gourd is green colored from outside and has white pulp inside. It has large number of health benefits in it. The fibers from Ridge gourd is used to make luffa sponge and is very effective for skin. This dark green vegetable gets its name from its ridges in hard exterior.

Ridge gourd is popularly known as 'Jhinga' in Bangladesh. It has various health benefits and is also effective in medicine field. Most dieticians also advice to add Ridge gourd skin to your food as it is the most nutritive element of the vegetable.

Product Name : Ridge Gourd Oil
Botanical Name : Luffa
Other Names : Luffa acutangula, Luffa aegyptiaca
Country of Origin : India
Color : It is dark green in colour
Odor : It is pungent odor
Extraction Method : Cold Press
Solubility : It is soluble in oil.

Ridge gourd is treated as an important component since the time of Ayurveda. It is also said the ridge gourd has also been the part of the food diets which helped in balancing the three doshas or biological energies found throughout human mind and body.


Ridge gourd is extremely rich in dietary fibers, and is enriched with all the vitamins and minerals. It is low in saturated fats, cholesterol and calories that help in weight loss. It helps in relieving constipation as well. Ridge gourd is effective in purifying blood. It boosts and purifies the liver as well. The juice of ridge gourd is used to heal Jaundice and it also strengthens immune system and makes it strong enough to fight with diseases.

It is also good for skin care and also helps in fighting acidity.

Therapeutic Benefits

Ridge gourd has antioxidant, anti-inflammatory properties as well. It is beneficial for our body internally as well as externally.

Blends well with

Ridge gourd seed oil blends well with Custard apple seed oil.

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