Patchouli Indonesian Essential oil

Patchouli Indonesian Essential oil

Patchouli is a fragrant herb with oval leaves and square stems. It grows from 2 to 3 feet in height and it provides an unusual odor. The color of patchouli Indonesian oil depends on the distillation machine. If the distillation is done in stainless steel then the color will be light, and if done in iron the color will be darker.

Patchouli is an evergreen subshrub that grows in fertile, shaded soil. Patchouli organic oil is produced in the secretory glands of the leaves and stem of the plant. The leafy branches are harvested before they turn brown. The use of this essential oil reduces stress, prevents infection, and also improves circulation of blood. This essential oil is beneficial for skin, hair, and it also has other health benefits as well. It is great when it is paired with rose essential oils and also other floral essential oils.

Product Name : Patchouli Essential Oil
Botanical Name : Pogostemon Cablin
Other Names : Deadnettle, Mint
Country of Origin : India
Color : It is dark brown in color.
Odor : It has earthy Smokey aroma
Extraction Method : Steam Distillation
Solubility : It is soluble with other essential oils.

The scent of this patchouli subshrub was discovered in 19th century in the West. This scent was used on cashmere shawls in India and Indonesia and it was also used as a trademark to recognize the original products from East.


Patchouli Essential oil is mainly used in massage, aromatherapy, bath and skincare. Patchouli has number of health benefits and it is commonly used in cosmetic, deodorants and insecticides.

It is used in oil aromatherapy, benefits the skin, animal and cell studies, patchouli oil is also used as an antioxidant, helps with digestive problems, reduces nausea.

Therapeutic Benefits

Patchouli oil has antibacterial, antiviral, ant oxidative properties in it. It relieves depression, soothes inflammation, and prevents infection. It also speeds up blood circulation, controls blood pressure, speeds up the healing process, eliminates bad odor.

Blends well with

Patchouli essential oil blends well with lavender, Myrrh, sandalwood, ginger essential oil.

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