parsley seed oil

Parsley seed oil

Parsley is best known for its diuretic property and its property to shrink blood vessels. The aroma of Parsley seed oil is not enjoyed alone. It is often diluted with other essential oils and is grown worldwide in gardens as a versatile culinary herb. Parsley oil is extracted from Petroselinum crispum. The oil of parsley is usually extracted from seeds, roots, and leaves of the plants. Seeds of the plant have most of the essential oil in it and rest of the plant can be used to make oils. Though it is available easily in almost all the areas but some special precautions must be taken while its application. Today it is a popular and versatile herb that is used as a flavoring agent and also been used for garnishing element in various restaurants.

Product Name : Parsley Oil
Botanical Name : Petroselinum Crispum
Other Names : common parsley, garden parsley
Country of Origin : Greece
Color : It is light yellow in color
Odor : It has medium-strong aroma
Extraction Method : steam distillation
Solubility : It is soluble with other essential oils.

Throughout the history parsley was used in a variety of fields. It is a hard and fragrant biennial herb which belongs to the Apiaceae family. From historical uses to current uses, parsley oil has been constantly finding its use in plentiful aspects.


Parsley plays very important role in aromatherapy as well. It helps to aid the heart, reduces water retention in the body, it is also beneficial for combating urinary problems, helps in maintaining healthy menstrual cycle, reduces blood pressure and more. It is also used for massage purposes, food flavoring, fragrance, digestive issues as well as in muscles and joints pain relief. It also has antibacterial, antifungal, Immunomodulatory Effects.

Therapeutic Benefits

Parsley oil has immense health benefits. It helps reduce Arthritis pain, prevents microbial infections, prevents sepsis, acts as an astringent, detoxifies body, improves digestion, it is also helpful in reducing fever.

Blends well with

Parsley essential blends well with orange essential oil, Rose essential oil, and Tea Tree essential oil.

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