Nutmeg Oil

Nutmeg Oil

Nutmeg oil is highly regarded for its analgesic nature. Perhaps, it serves as the best antiseptic as well producing curative effects on an overall. It has antispasmodic features through which the severe health problems are best taken care with emmenagogue features too. The parturient effect of this product is something that is best regarded along with the tonic features. The most effective property of this oil is that it effectively invigorates and activates the mind. Regarded for complete exhaustion, this oil is ideally used in massage and blends for aching joints as well due to its warming feature. It is because of the best medicinal properties of this oil that is considered for effective skin care as well. Pregnant women should never consider using this produce because of its extreme nature of increased sensitivity. Enough care has to be taken as well because inhaling this product might cause nausea.

Product Name : Nutmeg oil
Scientific Name : Myristica Fragrans
Country of Origin : Indonesia
Colour and Odor

Nutmeg oil is intensive in nature with a spicy effect besides having a musky feel as far as its aroma is considered. This oil is prepared from the husks as it results in mace. The oil is obtained from the its seeds resulting in pure nutmeg oil.

Extraction Method

Nutmeg oil is obtained with the steam distillation process considered after drying the seeds.


Nutmeg oil helps in revitalizing vital organs such as the heart and improves circulation as well. Eventually, it ensures that the mind is activated to the core besides helps in reviving people from fainting history. Additionally, it is helps in stimulating the digestion process by taking care of the toxic substances in an effective manner. Also, this product is helpful in resolving major health problems such as nausea and diarrhea.

This oil is helpful in promoting appetite and avoids constipation issues in a perfect manner. Moreover, it is helpful in getting rid of gallstones as well. Protecting the reproductive system by producing the best impact is something that is ideally possible with the regular use of this oil, which is helpful in handling scanty periods, offering maximum relief in the case of frigidity apart from impotence. It is helpful in ensuring birth control rate with the increased stability of contractions.

Blends well with

Nutmeg oil blends well with black pepper, orange, cypress, rosemary, geranium and clary sage.


I have been suffering from inflammatory problems. However, I am thankful for nutmeg oil because of the immediate effects produced by it. I am now leading a healthy life.
- Jennifer Adams

Correcting my digestive system has been best possible with the perfect use of Nutmeg oil as per my requirement. Moreover, effective stimulation to my too has been possible because of the consistent use of this oil.
- Bethany Cox

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