Neroli Oil

Neroli Oil

There are two variants of orange tree, the sweet one apart from the bitter fruit. Oil from orange blossoms is regarded as Neroli oil and is produced with the choice of the white blossoms of the bitter orange. Neroli oil serves as antidepressant besides proving to be an effective antiseptic as well. The antispasmodic effects produced by this oil are very beneficial in a strategic way. It is an effective deodorant besides working as the best digestive means possessing the qualities of a great stimulant as well. It is a sedative of premium quality. It produces a soothing effect with best results produced in the case of chronic anxiety as well, depression and stress.

Ideal in cases of insomnia, this oil is best considered for the purpose of uplifting mood in an effective manner. It even has got the antispasmodic action through which Neroli is well known for its quality to get maximum benefits from muscle pains as well.

Product Name : Neroli oil
Scientific Name : Citrus Aurantium
Country of Origin : Egypt
Colour and Odor

Neroli oil possesses a pleasant aroma with a touch of flora and haunting aroma. It is the best essential oil displaying a color of pale yellow having maximum viscosity of water.

Extraction Method

Neroli oil is produced through extracted from the steam distillation process applied upon small, white and waxy flowers, which blossom upon the bitter-orange tree. It usually yields 0.8 - 1 % of oil through this procedure.


Neroli oil is very calming upon the nerves besides offering best cure in the case of chronic anxiety. Handling severe psychological problems such as depression and fear besides shock too is best possible with this oil. Numerous people have already experienced the benefits of this oil in improving the digestive tract to a maximum extent. Perhaps, it is because of the immediate effects produced by this oil that the best quality standards of health are maintained always. It can be chosen ideally for handling intestinal problems besides handling colitis and diarrhea as well.

Resolving various problems such as insomnia too is possible because of it being one of the essential oils treating in other similar problems like migraine. The sedative features of this oil is ideal for curing depression besides produces a perfect impact in the case of heart palpitations as well. Additionally, it is possible to treat headaches in general.

Blends well with

Neroli oil blends well with benzoin, ylang-ylang, geranium, rosemary, jasmine, sandalwood, lavender and other citrus oils.


I have been suffering from insomnia since several years. However, the intake of neroli oil has helped me in overcoming from this situation in a perfect manner.
- Joanna Good

My health problems such as headaches and constipation have been best resolved with the consideration of neroli oil as per the requirement.
- Paul Ross

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