Nagarmotha Oil

Nagarmotha Oil

Nagarmotha is a small grass producing delicate flowers which are used in the extraction of oil. Nagarmotha oil is generally produced from fresh flowers. It is extracted from the roots of Cyperus, a sedge plant. It is used in the making of perfumes. It is a small grass, producing delicate and aromatic flowers. The flowers of this Nagarmotha grass are used to extract the oil mainly for the commercial purposes. It is also used as an insect repellent. It is also beneficial in the manufacturing of soaps, medicine, and incense sticks. It has many tonifying properties which makes it beneficial for skin as well. It is one of most invasive weeds known, and is spread mainly in tropical and temperate regions.

Product Name : Nagarmotha oil
Botanical Name : Cyperus rotundus
Other Names : Java grass, nut grass, purple nut sedge
Country of Origin : India
Color : it is dark amber to light brown in color
Odor : It has spicy, earthy odor.
Extraction Method : Steam Distillation
Solubility : It is soluble in water.

Nagarmotha oil is an origin of India. This plant also has its name in Indian Ayurveda because of possessing many therapeutical benefits for good health. It was also used widely in Chinese medicine and traditional perfuming.


Nagarmotha plant is widely used by Ayurvedic physicians for its medicinal benefits to cure fever, digestive system disorders and also many other diseases. According to modern medicine the plant can also be used to treat nausea, inflammation, for pain reduction, for muscle relaxation, and many other disorders.

Therapeutic Benefits

Nagarmotha Oil is proved very beneficial in the Indian Ayurveda because it has many health benefits. This oil is very beneficial for hair and skin. It is used to cure skin infections, aches and pains, also eradicates dandruff, and prevents split ends, nurtures scalp, prevents dryness, limits hair damage etc. It is also used for massage purposes. Other than skin and hair it also has other health benefits like it cures intestinal worms, diabetes, diarrhea, and also wound healing.

Blends well with

Nagarmotha oil blends well with other base and carrier oils.

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