Lime Oil

Lime Oil

Lime oil is considered best for the antiseptic it in possession of in a natural manner. The problems related to insects too are effectively taken care of because of the best results produced in an effective way. This oil boasts of best properties related to the treatment of chest congestion in an exclusive way. Replying upon this oil for detoxifying effects too is something that is most beneficial on an overall. Additionally, it acts as the best disinfectant because of the natural properties it has got of immense medicinal importance.

Product Name : Lime Oil
Scientific Name : Citrus Aurantifolia
Country of Origin : Persia
Colour and odor : Lime oil possesses an intensive citrus peel smell with a color of pale yellow to light olive providing a unique feel and appearance.
Extraction Method

Lime oil is obtained from extraction or distillation with the peel of the raw skin by cold expression. It is produced from the peel and /or the entire ripe fruit by the latest steam distillation process as well.


Lime oil is generally considered for the purpose of treating sore throat problem in an effective manner. Flu is one of the common health problems best treated with the help of this oil applied in right quantities. Taking care of oily skin too is best possible with the help of this oil for sure.

Herpes is one of the major problems cured completely with this oil in a natural manner. Respiratory tract is perfectly taken care with severe problems such as asthma and other severe problems including diseases such as bronchitis treated in perfectly.

Maximum benefits of strategic importance are obtained by using lime oil on a regular basis. It is because of the lasting features that this oil guarantees because of which more and more people rely upon this. Treating constipation in a perfect manner is ideally possible with lime oil in an effective manner for sure.

Improving the disease curing capacity inside body is best possible with the consideration of lime oil whenever needed the most. The antiseptic properties are exhibited in an extensive manner in order to maintain the best results on an overall.

Blends well with

Lime oil blends well with ylang-ylang, neroli, clary sage and lavender.


I have depending upon Lime oil since last week in order to reduce the problems related to asthma and bronchitis. The positive results were produced quickly resulting in best results and features through which the respitory system is perfectly maitnained.
- Ralph Hawkins

My psychological problems were completed resolved as soon as I have taking this product as per the exact requirements I got. Now, I am able to lead a normal life with best quality features maintained.
- Samantha Smith

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